Monday, November 21, 2011

Update on Nails Inc.Trafalgar Square

I applied the magnetic polish last Wednesday at around 2-3 pm. To my surprise, it did not start chipping until Sunday morning. Normally, nail polishes do not last more than 3 days on me without chipping so this polish definitely lasted longer than usual. The effect of the magnetic polish did not fade at all in the 4.5 days of wear due to the top coat that I've applied. Without the top coat however, the magnetic effect kind of fades in about 4 days.

Overall this is a great nail polish and it gives such a "special" effect. Nothing I've seen any other company do. I've had my nails commented on constantly while wearing this nail polish and I do believe it is money well spent.  Even though it is quite expensive (at $18 CAD a bottle), the effects are truly different and the nail polish quality is up to par with other higher end polishes.


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