Saturday, January 8, 2011

Nail of the Day - SpaRitual Looking Glass

This is actually not the nail color I have on currently but the one I had on during Christmas week.

I got this polish in a skincare store for only $5.00 CAD which is not bad at all. It is supposed to be all natural and good for your nails.

Gorgeous true silver nail polish. Personally I really liked how it looked. Definitely has a lot of holiday feel to it. I am however, aware that it kind of looked like I had tin foil on my nails. The wear is pretty good, lasted a solid 3-4 days before chipping. Very good silver nail polish!


Sephora Haul!

This is what I bought from Sephora a while ago during their 20% off sale. There isn't much left since I have returned some products including the Makeup For Ever HD Foundation, Kat Von D Eyeshadow Palette in True Love, and Philosophy Hope in a Jar. This is what I have kept!

Philosophy Purity Made Simple cleanser. This is actually my skincare challenge reward which I'm really happy about since the current one I'm using is almost all done. Really nice gentle face cleanser.

Benefit Powderflage. I'm still not too sure how I feel about this product. It does set my under eye concealer and makes it feel smooth but I don't notice any difference in how my concealer wears. I also didn't see much brightening effect from this product. Not too thrilled about it but I'll keep trying and eventually review it.

The product itself is just a light pink powder with a little hint of shimmer.

Clinique Acne Solutions foundation. This product I LOVE. As mentioned earlier, my face has been suffering from breakouts for almost 4 months now. This foundation really saved my life. There will be a review coming up!

I'm in number 03. Just as reference, I'm about a mac NC 20-25.

Clinique almost lipstick in Black Honey. This product was so hyped about I just thought I would give it a try given the 20% off. After a few wears, I'm not too crazy about it but it is a nice lipstick especially for the winter. Just not all that special.

The lipstick looks almost black in the tube but applies super sheer. It's just a very wearable berry color on my lips.

Clinique dramatically different moisturizing gel. I haven't tried this product yet so I can't really comment. Reviews to come!

As for the products I've returned, I'm just going to quickly talk about them.

Make Up For Ever HD: Did not work well with my oily skin which is really odd since I did use this almost a year ago and really liked it. Since it is not a matte foundation, it made my face really shiny after just 2 hours of wearing it. It does look good in photos but I did not like the way this felt on my skin.

Kat Von D True Love Eyeshadow Palette: The cream color dried out so I returned it. This is the case with many of her palettes. The cream always dry out relatively quickly. Otherwise, really gorgeous palette with great pigmentation.

Philosophy Hope in a Jar: I absolutely could not stand the smell of this thing! Make sure you smell it in the store before purchasing this. I'm sure it's a fine moisturizer but it made me feel sick smelling it =(


Thursday, January 6, 2011

E.L.F. Haul!!

E.L.F. is such a famous makeup company that sells very inexpensive makeup online. Their products range from $1-5 and I've been hearing lots of great reviews. After putting it off for months and months since shipping to Canada is so expensive I finally made a purchase this past December.

I live in Canada where E.L.F. is not sold anywhere in stores and my only option to try the brand would be, of course, through their online store. Shipping is ridiculously expensive for Canadian residence. There is a flat rate of $14.95 that applies to all Canadian orders and it takes the package 14-30 days to arrive. My package took around 25 days to arrive which IS pretty slow. I did do a combined order with a few of my friends to lower the shipping cost but I'm only showing here what I bought myself.

Things were packaged nicely and nothing was damaged during shipping. So here is my E.L.F. haul:

Open box, everything is neatly inside the bag.

Here is everything I bought! Nothing too exciting but I'm excited to try out everything. Reviews will be coming up!