Friday, March 12, 2010

Overview of My Nail Polish Collection

Over this past summer (summer of 2009) I took an nail design class and that's when I really started collection nail polish and started painting my nails. Prior to last summer, I only own two nail polishes: one nail strengther and one pink nail polish (it's sheer luck). As you can probably see, my collection has grown since then. Here is what I currently have:

OPI:The colors are: natural nail strengthener, the "it" color, it's sheer luck, yoga-ta get this blue!, you don't know jacques!-matte, and lincoln park after dark

These are some of my Mini's (the clear polish is just to show the size difference) the colors are: rapidry top coat, shorts story, on the same paige, and a grape fit!

Here are some miscellaneous nail polishes I own:

These are: Rimmel Powerhouse, Sally Hansen white tip, Sally Hansen urban chic, Sally Hansen pretty petal, and Just Nail black

These are: Essie mint candy apple, Sephora by OPI Metro Chic, Sephora by OPI Domestic Goddess, and Seche Vite dry fast top coat

As you can see, I own some really "popular" nail polishes like Lincoln Park After Dark, Mint Candy Apple, and Metro Chic. I actually just received Mint Candy Apple from a swap today and havent gotten the chance to test it out yet. It looks like a gorgeous color though. Lincoln Park After Dark is actually one of my favourite winter nail polishes. It's a very dark purple color that looks a lot more sophisticated than just painting your nails black. As about Metro Chic? I havent quite decided yet. It is an unique color but I personally dont see anything "special" about it. Maybe the love will come with time.

Have you seen enough nail polishes yet? That's not ALL the polishes I own though. Remember I mentioned I took a nail design class? Well, here is my "kit" (not including the fake nails and tools to trim them):

Hope everyone reading this would find it at least interesting. More beauty related posts to come! (makeup collection, reviews.)

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