Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Review: Skin79 Super+ Beblesh Balm Triple Function (Hot Pink)

While I'm at it, I might as well post another review post that I have been meaning to for a long time. =) Yay for more posts? Yes?

So I purchased this BB cream about a year ago and started using it around April. Since late June, I have been religiously using this product EVERY SINGLE DAY as my base makeup (foundation) and I absolutely LOVE it. I purchased the smaller size product from Asia so instead of 30 mL it only has 15 mL. 15mL of this product lasted me 3 full months plus two - three months of on and off wear. I'd say that's pretty good for the price!

It claims to have a lot of skin benefits as well as SPF. Since I did wear this over the entire summer, I can definitely say that the SPF in the product prevented my face from any sort of sun damage from day to day. Obviously if I would be spending hours exposed to sun light I would wear extra SPF but for normal day to day, this product is an all-in-one for me. Even thought I did not see any visible improvement in my skin tone after using this product but I can safely say that it definitely did not harm my skin at all. The BB cream feels super light weight on the face and controls oil very well. This product holds up very well in the humid climate (I travelled to China where the daily temperature was between 40-46 degrees C).

I absolutely love the wear and the finish on this foundation. It applies smoothly, sets semi-matte, and wears beautifully. Now I understand that most BB creams only come in one shade and this one is not exception. I am between an NC 20-25 in MAC and this BB cream suits my skin tone perfectly. So perhaps you can use that as sort of a guide line. When you squeeze the product out of the packaging, it appears to be sort of a grey-ish colour, do not be alarmed, it oxidizes to your natural skin tone! The only caution I would say is that you should apply it 10-15 minutes before leaving the house so your face doesn't look grey.

This product is worth every single penny and all the hype. Definitely one of my all time favourite foundations!

Overall Impression?
Quality: 10/10 Um... AMAZING!!
Price: 10/10 I purchased this in Asia so it costed me around $5-6 CAD for the small size bottle
Packaging: 10/10 Vary easy to use and sanitary pump. One pump is the perfect amount
Overall: 10/10!! A perfect score!


Nail of the Day: Butter London Nail Foundation

Sorry for being away for so long. To be honest, the only reason why I haven't posted in such a long time is because I lost the SD card for my camera so I couldn't upload any pictures =( But yay for new SD cards!!

Here's what's on my nails right now. I painted it yesterday afternoon.

I know it's not meant to be a nail colour but it does say on the back of the bottle that it can be wore alone! It is SUCH a gorgeous nude polish with a semi-matte finish. Funny enough this is actually my favourite "nude" polish of all time!

The sad thing about this is that even though I just applied it yesterday, it has already started chipping. I'm NOT impressed, especially for how much this cost ($21.00 CAD). I have not worn this as a nail colour base yet so I cannot yet comment on whether or not I think it's worth the price but I will definitely do a review very soon. So look out for that!