Sunday, October 31, 2010

Operation Acne Clearing!

I don't know why but my face just started to break out BIG time about two months ago now. It started in early September and you can not even imagine how saddening it is. I am very frustrated about the break out since I'm not the type of person that usually gets acne. My skin used to be pretty clear besides the monthly pimple or two. This whole break out situation is kind of new to me and I'm trying so many different products to try and clear it up!

I've noticed that this break out issue has been quite common lately so I've decided to track my acne progress. I have had to basically get a completely new set of skin care since I usually dont get much acne problem. Instead of getting one set of skin care, i have decided to get a lot of different acne treatments that have very great reviews and a lot of people recommend. So for the next few weeks or months (hopefully weeks), I will be reviewing different products that I have and give my two cents on how i feel about the effects!


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

How to do French Tips

I probably do my french tips a little different than most people. Here is all you're going to need:

1) A base coat (clear or pink). I used OPI's Natural Nail Strengthener.
2) Super fine nail brush
3) White acrylic paint
4) Mixing plate
5) Water
6) Top coat. I used Seche Vite's Fast Drying TOp Coat (this is optional, you can just use your base coat again)

Now that you've gathered everything here is what to do:

1) paint the base coat and let it dry
2) In the mean time, put some acrylics on the mixing plate with some water. Water will make it a lot easier to apply since the consistency is not as thick.
3) Dip the brush into the paint/water mixture and paint on white tips! This is super easy to do, just follow the white like on your natural nail and fill it in.
4) let the paint dry! This is very important. If you don't let it dry, it wont look good.
5) Apply top coat and you're done!

See how simple it is? Try it next time!


Nail of the Day - French Tips!

I got really bored last night so I decided to French Tip my nails. Here is the result!

And the other hand,

What do you think? It's super simple but it makes your nails look so neat and done. This is probably one of my all time favorite things to do. Makes you look a lot more polished then just a plain nail color.


Friday, October 15, 2010

Nail Color of the Day - Revlon Steel-her Heart

I picked this up just this Monday in Shoppers Drug Mart. It was on sale for only $3.00 CAD which is a very good deal. The application process is pretty good but the color is a little streaky. It took me two coats to get this coverage. It is a very gorgeous silver metallic color very in style for the fall season. I'm absolutely IN LOVE with this color!!

This is my first drugstore nail polish in a very long time and I have to say I'm impressed. This is definitely worth the 3 dollars and you should check your local Shoppers to see if they have any polishes that you like!